Huggi Dungeon Series

Huggi Dungeon Series

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Incredible Atmosphere

The series have a great atmosphere when it comes to being alone or together in a group. The ambience’s and surrounding create the perfect setting for the right moment.

Endless Re-playability

Even after completing the game. There is still so much more to explore and discover new secrets. Or even to play with new friends!

Amazing Storytelling

If game-play and atmosphere isn’t enough. They story it self grows deeper and deeper as you progress through all the parts.

About The Series

Huggi Dungeon Series main focus lies deep within the Evergreen roots, their secrecy and mysterious background. The story/game is divided in three parts. These parts guide you through the horrors, mysterious and unsolved stories of the Evergreens.


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Other Projects

Huggi Dungeon Series – Christmas (Map)

Just like Halloween, we have a special world in mind for Christmas you guys will love it and will be released on the week of Christmas!

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